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Third Place Press is a design studio capable of delivering a variety of Graphic Design solutions for clients, with a focus on book design & production through the use of the Espresso Book Machine.

Third Place Press and the Espresso Book Machine are located in Lake Forest Park, next to Third Place Books.

Click on SELF-PUBLISHING for book production details.

All other Graphic Design inquiries & estimates, please email

A selection of titles that we print for authors is now available for purchase at! Click here or the above navigation bar (TPP Authors @ Third Place Books) to check it out.

Third Place Books and Third Place Press proudly present our own book printing machine, nicknamed Ginger by our staff.

Customers now have instant access to over 1 million books in print from over 8,000 publishers and over 2 million public domain titles from Google Books.

All of which our Espresso Book Machine will print out for you at a moment's notice!

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