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Third Place Press Self-publishing: An Introduction

Thank you for your interest in working with Third Place Press to print and/or design your book . We'd like to cover some preliminary information so that you may better understand the requirements for producing a book on the Espresso Book Machine (EBM), in case you choose to prepare your own files.

The EBM is a machine that produces perfect bound trade paperbacks with black & white interiors and a rich, detailed color wraparound cover from PDF files.

The minimum length for a book project is 50 pages, while the maximum length is 550 pages (if you would like to produce a larger work, consider making it multiple volumes).

The book's dimensions (width x height) can vary, from 4.75 x 4.75 to 8.25 x 10.5.

Larger paged works need to keep in mind that the outer extent of the book should shrink as spine thickness is part of the cover's dimensions, which need to fit into 17 x 11.

Covers can be full color, they must have .25 bleed, and be centered on a 17 x 11 document. Spine thickness will need to be determined once the page count has been finalized.

We're glad to work with our customers on every aspect of the design process (formatting in Word, cover art, etc.), and you can bring your project in whatever stage you're comfortable with.

We offer very reasonably-priced in-house design for your books to be printed from the EBM--from cover design, to interior layout, etc. We also offer professional design (at different rates), for projects to be produced & printed by publishers and large-scale printing facilities.

If the customer chooses to design their own book (instead of using our in-house design services), the best starting point is always a WORD document (or an RTF file from other writing applications). Once the file is formatted to your desired specifications (font's, trim size, etc.), and it fits within the EBM's parameters, the next step is to convert the file into a PDF. All corresponding images in the project must be 300 dpi, grayscale (b&w), and saved as TIFF.

When a customer submits a PDF, it must first fit within the parameters of the EBM, and will be thoroughly inspected for potential incompatibilities (if the PDF was saved as color instead of b&w, or has color illustrations, corrupted text, etc.).

Third Place Press is a full-service book design studio. We create your book cover, interiors,(details on the back) as well as any promotional materials you may need.; Bookmarks, postcards, business cards, etc.

To begin the process, just contact us at the email, or phone numbers provided to arrange for an appointment.

Please email or phone Third Place Press for viewing the machine in operation, the examining of sample books, preliminary questions on Self-Publishing options .

Pricing guide for printing/designing books through Third Place Press

There is a $ 75 set-up fee for all projects being printed by Third Place Press.

This covers the processing of the PDF into the EBM's database, PDF inspection, and one Inspection Proof. Once the book has been imported to the database, subsequent printings of the books are solely the cost of the paper to produce it.

Book printing rates:

under 100 pages: $2.50 per book plus 4 cents per page

101 300 pages: $2 per book plus 3 cents per page

300 and up: $2 per book plus 3 cents per page

In-house Design Services ( for printing strictly on the EBM ) :

Book design/ other Graphic Design services: $50 per hour (this includes book interiors/adjustments/original illustrations, images/PDF file adjustments/ebook covers, scanning, promotional materials)

Cover Design: $150 (cover & type layout/2 rounds of adjustments; this fee does not cover any stock photography licensed for use on the design)

Freelance Editing Once a client is working with Third Place Press to design a book, we offer authors the chance to connect with freelance editors to suit their every need--copy-editing/proofing, depth/content editing, etc.

Design Services ( for offset/off-site printing ) :

** Third Place Press will design your book interiors and covers for large-scale POD and publisher printing for separate rates from those stated above. Please arrange for an appointment to discuss rates and complexity of project. **

Consultation on self-publishing/promotion options (please contact for quote):

Third Place Press offers clients an intensive & interactive venue for the creation of their books- we strive to make the most attractive and professional book possible for whatever the subject matter (previous topics have included a horse training manual, knife collecting book, outdoors memoir, fiction, science fiction, and more), with the author participating in every step--cover concept, font choices, etc.

Samples of our book design for clients are on display at Third Place Books, near the Staff Recommends section. The display provides prospective clients examples of the quality of the books printed on the machine, as well as our design aesthetics.